Monday, June 28, 2010

Succinct Overview/Notes – Gold Mines, Sapphires, and Oil Wells –

June 23, 2010

UC HUB Shareholders:

Succinct Overview/Notes – Gold Mines, Sapphires, and Oil Wells –

Mining – sorting, grading, pre forming - Cutting – Designing - manufacturing of jewelry – marketing and sales

We have now assembled a significant amount of “iron” with excavator; dump truck; front loader, trammels, conveyors, hoppers, trailers, fuel tanks, wash plants, etc. All of this equipment is the asset of the Company and was paid in Cash.
The Operations Company has received permitting for mining and has completed surveying, CAD drawings and various other regulatory issues. Equipment is on site and a water well will have to be drilled soon and we are in line with drilling company now.
Local Montana Bank Accounts have been set up; Pay Roll Company has been hired, vendors are in place for supplies and staff is in place (3-5 people).
The Company has bought certain production of sapphires from the Missouri River (El Dorado Bar) area and now has over 10,000 carats as of this date to kick start our efforts so we do not lose time. We have been given a price list that shows $600 per carat as wholesale pricing of good stones (AA and AAA) one carat or larger. The Company then paid an expert to grade and separate out the non-cuttables and divide these sapphires into various carat divisions from less than one carat up to 12 carats.

We then focused on cutters both domestic and international. We have had some large stones cut domestically for safety and we have had hundreds of smaller sapphires cut overseas and now have those beautiful gems are ready for the insert into a jewelry piece in the California manufacturing facility. The precious gems, once set in jewelry, offer us an anticipated order of magnitude of profit.

Next we began working with a designer and a manufacturer of silver, elite silver and gold jewelry. We spent many days at various locations and discussed vision of our Montana Sapphires, the All American Appeal of the jewelry with our American gold, our Elite Silver and the packaging. This has been a long process but is now in full motion. Designs have been drawn and casts are being made and the gold, elite silver and silver have been ordered. A Brooks Institute photographer was hired and shots have been made to show the beauty of the faceted Natural Sapphire from the USA. These digital photographs and logs are being assembled for review and integration for a web and mobile store.
We are also working with an inventory system for stones that would include and not be limited to carat weight, dimensions, clarity, color and perceived wholesale value, cost, and retail jewelry piece. This is a time intensive process and warrants measuring, weighing, photographing, grading and such for each stone.
The Company is now manufacturing a CAST of the various jewelry pieces so that we can insert each of the very individual Montana Sapphires into these unique pieces of jewelry. Once the CAST is done it will be a proprietary brand and we will own it in full. We also have set up a combination of precious metals to make these pieces with that are very unique.


The past two weeks the Company has been struggling with the loss of the drill bit and has not been able to recover it. As of this past week we had decided to abandon future depths and to frac the hole and make it a small producing well hoping for maybe 5 barrels a day. On Wednesday, June 23, 2010 the driller called and said that he was able to fish out the tools from the bottom of the hole. He was very excited about this turn in luck and is now ready to complete the hole to the Pennsylvania Pay Zone. We will report as we all hope for a success in this oil field on the 400 acre site which will determine future wells. The other oil field is pumping oil daily now. As you know, we had only ONE working well in the past and we now have 5 working and pumping wells.

Our trucking and distribution company sent the division paper work for all checks and so we anticipate revenue shortly from this company. Paper work has been signed and witnessed.